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Here’s some helpful hints based on questions received about the web site. When referred to your menu picks, they are the three icons    in the upper right corner of the page.   Is the message center or emails between classmates.  Indicates if you have any Alerts. 
 Settings menu to set your options and other items.   The Settings Menu has the following options:

Notify Me Specify how often you want various notifications  Immediately, Once Daily or Never
Message Center Read and compose messages to/from other classmates
Edit Contact Info Edit you email, address, phone number and other info.  Only Admins see this data.
Edit Profile Edit profile, adding or changing pictures and comments for other classmates to see.
Change Password Change your password for logging in. If you forgot your password, send a message via Contact Us to have it reset.
Log Out Exit the system. Closing your browser does the same


Q:  I previously created my log in and filled out my information and profile. I now want to edit my profile to make changes or add to it. How do I do that?

A:   Click on the settings menu in the upper right coner. In the drop down list click on “Edit Profile”,  All your profile fields should now be displayed in edit form. Make what ever changes desired. When done scroll down to the bottom to the blue “Save Changes” button and click on it. 

After you save it you can see the profile info and then right under that is a line “Profile Questions: Show name Profile Questions and Answers. Click that and the profile expands. 

In the same fashion you can Edit your contact infomation with the 'Edit Contact Info" icon.

Q:  How do I add or remove a picture from my profile.

A:  Adding a picture is a two step process. First, you need to upload a picture. Second, assign a picture to one of the four spots; Master, Then, Now and Yearbook. If your picture was in the yearbook, it has already been loaded.

Click on the settings menu in the upper right coner. In the drop down list click on “Edit Profile”.

To upload, click on the blue Photos (or Videos) on the right side. Then click the green “Upload a new photo” button. Select the picture from your device’s library. Click Done. 

Now to assign an uploaded picture. Select which spot you want to place your upload in by clicking the pencil icon and then “Select”. Click on the picture you want to use and then Done. Next your picture comes up in an edit tool where you can crop it or make other adjustments. Click the Apply and then the Save buttons. Your picture should now be shown in your profile. 

To remove a picture from one of the four pictures spots, click on the little pencil in upper right and then the Remove. 

Wauwatosa East High School Class of 1968 - Tosa East 68