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  Montreal Expo 67 - Spring 1967 Concert 


I have upload the one concert recording for now. If all the MP3 files were uploaded from all the concerts were uploaded, the website will run out of its allotted free storage space. Course more storage space can be obtained for $$$.  I'll swap out concerts from time to time.

Does anybody know if there was a recording done of the winter concert of our junior year? I have the Winter and Spring concerts from our Sophomore and Senior years, along with the junior year Spring Concert, Montreal Expo 67. If anybody does anyone have it, please get in touch with me. Also I am not aware of any recordings of the choral or orchestra concerts. If there are let me know. 

Don Bolstad

PS  Sorry, this does not play on Apple iSO devices.







Wauwatosa East High School Class of 1968 - Tosa East 68